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Worship & Warfare BannersWorship & Warfare Banners
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David Stanfield

An introduction to banners & David Stanfield (2.5 MB PDF)

Q. What was your first experience with banners?

A. I have had a number of secular experiences with banners around the world. I loved to wave the Aussie flag at international events like Expo 92 in Seville, Spain, and at a presidential inauguration parade in the USA. However, the first Christian experience I remember was a March for Jesus in Brisbane, Australia. I remember looking back at the sea of blue and thinking: "Wow! This has got to happen more often!"

The first time I used a banner was at a church service where we processed in with a crown and four banners. I just processed without moving the banner, but the sense of awe and majesty was palpable. From there I used the banners during church services when an appropriate hymn or chorus was being sung.

Q. How did you react to this? Also what was your reaction when you saw banners in use?

A. I guess I just had a sense that the Lord was opening up the way for more and more banner ministry. I hadn't seen anybody do it, so I was sort of leading the way.

I have had a few people complain or challenge me about the use of banners, but an overwhelming sense that the Lord was in it and that, as long as I was sensitive to other people's feelings, He would continue to bless it and expand it. There have always been far more positive, encouraging comments about how the banners had ministered to other people than negative ones. When using a banner, I feel the "rightness" of what I am doing and I enjoy it, but I don't have the "emotional/spiritual" reaction that many people watching express to me.

Q. Did this then lead you to get involved with banners?

A. Well, as you can see from the comments above, I already was involved; I didn't see anybody else do it first.

Q. Has the use of banners helped you develop a better relationship with God? Have you experienced the use of banners touch other people?

A. The two main areas of my spiritual life that have been affected by my use of banners in worship and warfare have been on my ability to worship God with all my body, soul and spirit, and on my willingness to DO what I think God is asking me to do at a particular time, not being afraid of what man might think.

I find that, particularly in corporate worship, I feel freer to worship and am not constrained just to use the words of the song, but to be silent, to be still, or to move with or without banners. I find that I am better able to lead people into worship and in worship than I have been able to before.

While I am not free of the fear of man, my experience and development with worship banners has led me to a point where I am now able to worship God with banners the way I believe He would have me worship Him without being hugely affected by what other worshippers (or non worshippers) might be thinking. I am much more bold in getting up and doing a prophetic act or entering into warfare now than I have ever been.

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