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Banners Used in Community Walk

Last year our local community held a Crop Walk for hunger. The object was to encourage many community organizations to come together to raise funds for some of the world's hungry. Included in the walk were representatives from local community groups, businesses and churches.

Banners Used in Community WalkAs a prayer group, our interest was not only in helping to raise funds for the hungry, but to be able to go into places that we were not necessarily able to go into on a regular basis and silently declare that Jesus Christ was able to fill the hungry both spiritually and physically and that he had living water that would never run dry.

We decided to do this by having each of our participants carrying a banner that would declare the majesty and power of God to change people's situations and circumstances by His love. As the walk wound its way through some of the poorer parts of town and in areas that are known to be “home” to several of the local drug dealers we were silently but powerfully able to declare that - Jesus is the answer.

The brightly coloured banners made quite a spectacle as we walked throughout the city. Many who participated in the walk wanted to know the meaning of the banners and we had several opportunities to share God's love with others who were there to express their compassion for the world's less fortunate.

We are still seeing the answers to the prayers prayed that day with a major clean up in our county of the drug dealers.

Roxanne A., North Carolina, U.S.A.

Banners Used in Community Walk

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