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Worship & Warfare BannersWorship & Warfare Banners
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Release in Chicago

Recently we introduced banners at the HUB (His United Body) conference in Chicago.

This was the first time many of the people there had seen them and they were in awe. As they entered the conference and the banners were waved over them the presence of the Lord would envelope them. One gentleman got caught in the “Anointing Oil” banner and was literally wrapped in the anointing as he tumbled to the floor.

We saw the Lord heal and restore an entire family who had been involved in banner worship several years ago. They had been wounded and the Lord used the banners at this conference to heal and restore their hearts and their desire to worship Him with banners again.

At another point in the conference the men began to lead with the banners and the women mirrored what the men were doing. The Lord used this to show us how he woos our hearts to follow Him. At the end of worship, at the Lord's direction I removed the banners from the poles and placed them over the people. Some were lying down, some were kneeling, some were standing with their arms raised and others were sitting quietly. As I covered one lady with the Lion of Judah banner her eyes filled with tears and she said, “This is the fulfillment of a prophesy the Lord gave me a year ago.”

Release in Chicago

As I placed a banner over another lady she just sank to the floor under it. The next evening as I approached her she began to run toward me dancing, totally free. A young Chinese woman was lying on some chairs and as I placed the “Breakthrough” banner over her she began to shake. The ministry released through these banners is such a reflection of Jesus - very gentle. Words don't always have to be spoken but His touch is always evident. As I moved among the people I found it difficult to remain standing because the anointing was so strong.

On the final evening of the conference the worship continued for a long time - it helps to be in top physical condition to wield banners. On this evening the young people joined us in worship with the banners. As the worship continued one young man began to lead. It was a beautiful experience to watch Holy Spirit move on his heart. He obeyed the promptings and everyone just followed. God orchestrates so well. The younger generation led the older generation with confidence and strength because they were following the COMMANDER IN CHIEF. It was a perfect picture of the generations coming together as one to worship The King.

I stand in awe and my heart overflows with gratefulness to the Lord when I see what He is doing through the release of banners in the Church.

I never dreamed a time of intercession and dancing with home-made banners many years ago would lead me to anything as beautiful as I am now experiencing. I am so thankful that our Lord is able to communicate without words because quite frankly, very often, I don't have any.

Maria Wennberg - Chicago

Release in Chicago

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