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Banners Revolutionize an Aussie Church

Banners Revolutionize an Aussie ChurchWe first met David Stanfield several years ago when he agreed to do a Banner Workshop for us in response to our call for help after a visiting guest speaker was not able to attend a Prophetic Conference we were having. We had been using two flying banners on very heavy poles in the church.

This was before banners had ever been heard of in church so we were interested to hear what David had to say about the use of banners in a church setting. We were extremely cautious though as some of our experiences with other banner ministries had been less than edifying.

David arrived to do the workshop our first reaction was “O Lord what have we got ourselves into” as David did not look or dress like the usual minister. His first reaction to us was “O Lord what have You got me into” as we were not the typical Spirit-filled church.

Banners Revolutionize an Aussie ChurchWhen he plonked himself on the floor and began to teach on the Biblical basis for banners we knew that we were in for a day unlike any that we had experienced before. Forty-five minutes into the teaching, he usually teaches for at least 90 minutes, he stopped and just said “I think that this church is ready to put all this into action - everyone go and pick up a banner.”

That was the beginning of a revolution in the church. After showing us the basic “banner waving moves” and covering some “banner waving protocol” he let us begin to worship the Lord freely. At that point it literally felt like the heaven's were rent open and the King of Kings came and took up His place. The people were being delivered and released into a new level of worship that was awesome to watch and be apart of.

Banners Revolutionize an Aussie ChurchNo one wanted to stop. The workshop that had begun at 10:00 a.m. that morning was still going at 6:30 p.m. We decided to have a quick pizza break and come back - at 10:00 p.m. we had to call the day to an end as David (who by this time was on the floor unable to move because the anointing was so strong) had to travel back home and we had a church service early the next morning.

From that time on banners have become an integral part of our worship and ministry. When people come into our meetings for the first time they stand in awe at the sea of colour and sense the power and presence of God. We use the banners in worship, in individual ministry, in prayer meetings, in training people in the prophetic and prophetic intercession and in deliverance sessions. We have sent a team on a regular basis late on Friday evenings into the middle of the city of Brisbane. As the hotels are closing and nightclubs are gearing up they begin to worship with the banners. Many broken, lonely and damaged people are drawn to the sight of “an army awesome with banners”. (Song of Songs 6:4 NIV) There have been countless people saved and healed in the street over the last few years as a result of anointing of God and the banners.

Banners Revolutionize an Aussie ChurchWe are finding that our children are flowing in the prophetic from a very young age as a result of the banners. One little girl who from the time of her birth has watched her Daddy worship and war with the banners has from the age of 2 been prophesying to the church with them. God would speak through the prophetic acts she would do with the banners before she could speak a sentence. All of our children have learned to worship and honour the King of Kings in a new way through the banners and they are being equipped as able ministers of the Gospel - banners not just for the big people.

Banners Revolutionize an Aussie ChurchBecause they have taken up a banner and begun to use it, people who will never stand behind the pulpit are being released and know that “the Spirit of the sovereign Lord is upon them.” One lady who found it incredibly difficult to speak let alone minister to anyone found her call in the Body of Christ by picking up a banner and ministering to people with the banners as Holy Spirit leads. This lady is today prophesying and singing prophetically - something she didn't believe she could ever or would ever do.

Little did we realize when the Lord directed us so many years ago to make two banners that He was preparing us for what is happening today. As a pastor I have seen what God can do and is doing for His people and through His people as this powerful ministry is released throughout the earth. His Body is truly being raised up as “an army awesome with banners” with salvation, healing and deliverance in our hands.

Pastor Julie Tymms - Triumph International Ministries - Qld. Australia

Footnote: Pastor Julie and several members of her congregation feature on the DVD set. She tells more of the story of what has happened at the church - David S.
More information and how to order: 3-DVD set (NTSC format)   or   3-DVD set (PAL format)

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