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Resurrection Life

One of our members, Laura BenoitHere at Word of Life Fellowship in Mi Wuk Village California we have many of your banners and use them regularly in our worship services. We recently held a banquet to honour members of our congregation who are over 70 years of age. One of our members, Laura Benoit is 85 years old and loves to wave the banners as she is able. Her life is a miracle. A few years back she died of a heart attack in a service and our Pastor ran over to her - prayed for her and she was resurrected!

This is Laura's story.

Laura Benoit was born on November 3, 1931 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. In 1947, her family moved to San Carlos, California and Laura went to Sequoia High School in Redwood City. She became a professional roller skater, and in 1950, went to beauty school and went to work in a beauty shop in Redwood City.

Pastor Thomshaw used to go to the beauty shop to get her hair done and talk to Laura's boss about the Lord. Laura was an alcoholic and was usually drunk when they would talk. One day Pastor came in and Laura was putting labels on hair dye. Pastor put her hand on Laura's forehead and she went down under the power of the Lord in a puddle of hair dye. The stains are still there today.

“I got saved at the beauty shop and then water baptized before I even joined the church” Laura remembers. Her water baptism was an amazing experience. “They put me in the water and dunked me in and prayed for me. I was instantly delivered from smoking, cussing, carousing and alcohol all at once. It was a miracle.”

In 1986, Laura became the first member of Word of Life to have cancer. “You know doctors are supposed to give you some hope and tell you how they can help you get better. This doctor would always tell me I was going to die, and on the way home I would minister to Paula and tell her not to worry that I wasn't going to die. I wasn't ready to die.” This was Laura's first experience with Resurrection Power in her life.

“The next thing that happened to me is that I died in church!” she recalls. “I didn't see anything or feel anything, but as I went down I said 'Lord I am not ready to die, but your will be done.'” Pastor Thomshaw prayed for her and Laura was resurrected.

Laura's most exciting memories of church include the worship banners. Her heart leapt when the banners were used at Christmas time last year. “I got up and started dancing and praising until I was exhausted. After that, I missed Church for a while because I danced so much, but it was worth it” Laura says. Her favorite banner is the Resurrection Power banner symbolizing the miracles in her own life.

Laura has very important advice for the younger generations. There is nothing in this world you should choose over the Lord. Laura also wants the younger generation to understand the importance of bridging the gap between the generations. Her ministry is to pray and staying in contact with the younger church members helps her see that her prayers are heard and answered.

Laura has two daughters, Janelle and Paula, and 4 grandchildren, Timothy, Josiah, Mishal-Ann, and John.

Julia C. CA. USA

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