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Restoration: International Creative Arts Conference

6th International Creative Arts Conference, MalaysiaDuring the 6th International Creative Arts Conference which was held in Malaysia, I had my first experience using banners and I now know God's healing power through banners, personally.

A few weeks prior to the conference, with a very tight schedule to develop a presentation, I twisted my left ankle, which meant that during practices, my ankle was wrapped for support. As time went by both ankles were hurting.

An old injury came back as a result of compensating for the new injury. During the time of the conference, upon waking, I had trouble even placing my feet on the floor. Being at such a high altitude and cold early mornings didn't help.

restoration worship banners designI was registered for one of the banner classes where David spoke about the background of his ministry in using banners and taught simple banner techniques. He then moved into a time for ministry.

A few of the delegates and including me stepped in to be ministered to. As we lay on the floor and with banners moving all around us, I experienced such peace and rest.

When I opened my eyes, I found the banner 'Restoration' covering me. The next morning I had no pain getting to my feet. Praise God!! With that I was able to go all out in the dance for my Lord.

Stella M. Penang Malaysia

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