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How I found my prayer shawl​

Holiness worship banners designSometime in May I received a vision from our Heavenly Father that I should get a “prayer shawl”. I am not of a Jewish background and had no idea what a prayer shawl was used for but I knew that I had to get one.

In my vision I saw a blue shawl with rivets of white on the face of the shawl. The blue in the shawl was varying hues of blue, not really distinct but varying. Well that began my search for a blue prayer shawl with rivets of white in it.

I contacted all my Jewish friends asking for suggestions on where I would find this type of shawl and they all thought I was nuts because most of the prayer shawls are white with fringes. My search continued to no avail.

In July 2006, I attended the Intercessory Council on Strategic Warfare (ICOSW) conference in Orlando, Florida and on the first day of conference, I walked into the conference area to praise and worship. I saw people waving banners but paid no attention to it because I was not familiar with the significance of raising a banner. I stood in worship with my eyes closed and there I saw a vision of me standing on a beach watching the ocean with little waves rippling on top of the ocean (Again, blue with white rivulets).

I was so startled by this vision, I opened my eyes and focused in on someone who was waving a red banner (or that is what it appeared to be from the distance) I was amazed by the skill of the person raising this banner. It reminded me of the waves I had seen in my vision and also at the beaches in my homeland (I am from Trinidad-West Indies).

When worship was finished I was drawn to tell the individual what a fantastic job he had done with banner. As I approached him, I noticed that the banner was actually the flag of my own twin islands (Trinidad and Tobago). I was awed and so blessed to see my country's flag in something as spectacular as an ICOSW conference. It actually brought me to tears to know that my country was being represented in such a Godly event. I can honestly say that I did not meet any other people from my country but I was humbled by the sight of my country's flag. I wanted to meet the man whose banner bought me such joy.

During my next conference break I visited the banner kiosk and asked to speak to the owner to express my gratitude for acknowledgement of my “little tiny” islands. While I was at the kiosk I scanned over some of the banners and saw the exact design that was in my vision… the hues of blue with white rivulets. I asked the attendant if that was a prayer shawl and she said that it was not but that it could be used as one… I reached over to get a better look at the banner and to my humility, the name of the banner was “Holiness”. It was then and there that I found my prayer shawl…

I have used it in my quiet time with Father and I must say that there is such an anointing on the use of it that it still amazes me that God used David's banners to provide a prayer shawl for me. I am so thankful for his obedience and I am thankful to God for Him.

Lyn St B, FL USA

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