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Carolyn's Story

Here is the vision the Lord gave me - I think it was a vision because it was broad daylight and I was awake when it happened but it is such a clear picture it doesn't matter how it happened.

I went to the "21century Church Prophetic and Apostolic Conference" in February - The Women of Destiny Day. During the break I found the stall for the banners and during the worship saw them in action. I was really touched by the victorious sensation that the worship with these banners engendered - like we were really celebrating a battle already won (not just singing the words).

The Lord had lead me in the past to be involved in prayer-walks of our area. Two days or so after the conference I was praying about the area where our church is (North west suburbs of Brisbane) and what He wanted me to do. I got this picture of me on my push bike riding down the streets surrounding the church with one of your banners on the back of my bike - all the while praying for the houses and areas I was passing.

I remember I had been impressed at the conference with the colour and vibrance of the flags and really liked the "The Kingdom", "The River", "The Promises" and "Holy Fire" ones. But I was amazed to discover the one I had been least impressed by was the one on the back of my bike in the picture - "Anointing Oil".

I subsequently asked the Lord why that one and why not something a little more exciting or important like "The Kingdom" or "The River" I mean, let's face it, the "Anointing Oil" banner really does look like a flag dipped in olive oil!

The passage that came to me in reply was the very same passage our church has taken as one of its two VISION passages for where the Lord is wanting to take us for at least the next three years, Luke 4:18-19. "The anointing of the Lord is upon me to bring good news to the poor give sight to the blind release for the captives freedom for the oppressed and proclaim the year of (jubilee) the Lord's favour"

It was so profoundly moving, that I was humbled with a hush and goose bumps all over as God frequently gives me when I sense his presence. Then I was overcome with the wisdom of it that I was just praising God in the shower at the top of my voice.

I then started to doubt the 'realness' of what God had said and asked "Am I to actually get a banner put it on my bike and ride through the streets Lord or was that symbolic of what you'll be bringing through me as I pray?"

In reply I was simply given the same picture again and again - no word and I felt the Lord saying (by not saying it) "Why do you always have to 'spiritualize' the things I want you to do. Don't you think I really want to bring actual good news to the real poor, actual sight to the physically blind, actual release to real prisoners, and real freedom to physically, socially, even politically (not just psychologically or spiritually) to genuinely oppressed people - THAT'S WHAT A SOCIETY IN JUBILEE IS LIKE -IS AN ACTUAL VISABLE TRANSFORMATION"

I was rightly humbled.

Later whenever anyone mentioned prayerwalking in our church, I again saw the same picture and each day I could easily recall it in my prayers for the future of our area.

So now I'm ordering my banner and and marking out the territiory, getting together a spiritual map of our area and am going to do what the Lord has given my hands to do with all my heart and all his strength.

I hope this encourages you in your ministry and blesses others I would love to hear others stories and am happy for you to send this on to anyone whose interested.

Carolyn Eaton
St Jude's Anglican Community - Brisbane, Australia.

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