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Banners in Israel

Banners in Israel

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I just want to say what a buzz it was being in Israel. But one of the first things that 'hit' me was at the first Praise & Worship time they have every day at Beit Immanuel Guest House (where Geoff & Pauline Ainsworth & family, and Nana Nell, are volunteering at present).

Here I was, in God's own country (literally!) and what did we sing? Many songs by Australians (in English and Hebrew and Russian) and we worshipped using Australian worship banners. It was so awesome! I felt so proud that God would use Australians, from the "ends of the earth" to encourage His people in Israel!!

My flight arrived into Tel Aviv Airport mid-afternoon on 2nd May and I had two lovely weeks with my relatives who are volunteering at Beit Immanuel Guest House at Jaffa (or Yafo or Joppa) now a southern suburb of Tel Aviv. (Beit = House) The family work hard there, doing the house-keeping (cleaning, making beds, preparing meals) for the guests.

While there I got a good look at Old Jaffa, the oldest port in the world (established by Japheth, Noah's son, after the flood and the place where God gave Peter the vision to preach to the Gentiles in Acts 10). On a walking tour I also learnt that Tel Aviv was established in 1909 as a little town about a mile inland from the great Port of Jaffa, but quickly grew and engulfed all the surrounding villages.

It was also wonderful to go swimming in the Mediter­ran­ean Sea and watching the hazy sunsets from the roof of Beit Immanuel. www.beitimmanuel.org

"Trumpet of Salvation" Tour 18th May-11th June 2006

I had a few days back at Beit Immanuel preparing before I headed back to Yad HaShmona (near Jerusalem) which became the base for the Trumpet Tour, run by a local Messianic Jewish Evangelist, Jacob Damkani and his wife Elisheva. I joined with about 30 people from 12 nations from around the world, mostly European (German-speaking).

We had three days of wonderful teaching & training on speaking to the Israelis, including a very moving trip to Yad v'Shem (Holocaust Memorial). I had been to this place with the UK people, but it was a completely different experience going there with the Germans!

We saw some holy sites in between walking through the streets of Israel (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv (mall & beach), Holon, Netanya, Haifa, Tiberius, on various Army bases and Jacob's hometown of Kiryat Shmona in Golan Heights), singing Hebrew Songs and proclaiming Peace over Israel, letting them know that the Gentiles love them and are behind them during this time.

We also thanked them for the Bible (OT) and let them know we loved their God too. Most people welcomed us and thanked us for coming. A totally exhilarating experience and I look forward to going again sometime, taking an Aussie contingent. Will you come?

When we were in the Galilee area we camped on the shore of the Sea of Galilee amongst the Eucalypt trees. It was amazing to be swimming in the same body of water as Jesus & the Disciples fished & walked on!

We also had a day at the Dead Sea, having a mud party; covering ourselves completely with this mineral-enriched Dead Sea mud was great fun!

NB Did you know we don't get sunburnt at Dead Sea!

Many blessings,

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