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Worship & Warfare BannersHand painted silk
Worship & Warfare BannersWorship & Warfare Banners
Worship & Warfare Bannershand painted silk banners fromOut Of Our Minds Banners
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A Turning Point
by Robyn S. Toowoomba Australia

Spiritual Warfare Conference

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Banners! Just colourful pieces of silk cloth waving from poles. Apart from the fun element, what possible use could they be to the Kingdom of God? That was probably pretty much how my thinking ran, even though I was used to seeing banners used in our church. I had attended a couple of workshops on the use of banners, and was always enthusiastic in using the banners I had purchased.

Yet I was stunned and thrilled, when attending a Spiritual Warfare Conference in Hobart, Australia, to realise the incredible, awesome power that is released in the spiritual realm and the victorious warfare that results, when a group of like-minded individuals wave their banners in proclamation to the heavenly realm.

Each of the banners represents our awesome God Almighty, and yet each colour and pattern speaks particularly to different areas in the spirit world. When we minister with the banners, wrapping them around the hurting faithful, the Holy Spirit does His work in that person, healing, restoring, uniting and raising their spirits to new heights.

That conference was a turning point for me. I now look upon my banners as powerful weapons. I know that when I raise that flag in silent proclamation the heavenly realm takes notice. I look forward to each time I can use an important tool from our Lord God, to minister His love and grace.

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