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Banners Do Affect the Atmosphere

an orb of light "floating" over Kyle HoenesThis image captured an orb of light "floating" over Kyle Hoenes' head as he spins "The Nations" banner at a recent workshop in St Louise Missouri. It is the larger of many such orbs in a number of photos taken that weekend. This is the second time David had seen orbs of light appear around people worshipping with banners.

Rather than jump to conclusions he decided to investigate what natural explanations there might be for such a phenomenon being captured by a digital camera. He looked for "sceptics" who had expertise in digital photography.

It seems likely that there orbs could be caused by the static generated by the banners moving through the air. This static then "pools" in the air with enough concentration to deflect a strong light source (in this case from above) and bounce light into the camera lens which then records it.

Images capture orbs of light

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Kyle with large orb
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Small orbs close to floor
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Manry orbs surrounding banners

Here are two independent responses we received.

From Mark from Illustrators Ink:

Apart from divine intervention the only other things that can cause a circular visual disturbance on digital media, are excess static caused if the moving banners are acrylic and there is a high output spotlight around somewhere or a lens flare onto the plate as the shutter speed is quite slow.

Interesting though, isn't it.

From Graham of Telfer Print

"Can't you people ask a simple question? An answer, in short 'I Don't Know.'"

What we do know: They are not classic lens flare. Lens flare would normally be washed out somewhere in the image, this is not the case. They are more transparent in the centre and dense toward the edges as can be observed with a bubble or a clear balloon or plastic ball. The centre takes on the general colours of the background and sample with a grey attribute but the colours in the sample remain similar.

The images do not seem to line up with any particular lights in the room in front of the camera and are all different densities and sizes in positions which show them to be closer and further away from the camera. (i.e. no rhyme)

I guess an electrical feedback in the digital camera is possible and more likely than in a film camera. I suggest you see if you can have others take photos at the same time with another camera or ask any others that are taking photos if you can have copies sent to you . Possibly change your camera to overcome some variables.

Also see if you can take some notice of the humidity at the time. In cold weather the humidity can drop to the teens (Celsius) when electrical charge can be released with movement of the silk banners. I must say that the images do not look like I would expect electrical energy to look unless it was plasma. However if the images only form when humidity is low it can not be ruled out.

In the image where the young chap is sweeping the banner near the floor you will notice the "orb" images are all in the movement plane of the banner - about 6 images in all and close to the floor. I wonder if the humidity was low when that was taken.

(David's Note: It had just snowed and this Aussie was finding it very nippy to say the least!!)

Just thought I would let you know how this phenomenon might come about. It is easy for us to jump to conclusions without investigating and in the process diminish the credibility of the Kingdom. No matter what the final explanation is, these floating orbs of light are evidence that wielding banners definitely alter the atmosphere!!! It seems they stir it up and in the process give off enough static electricity to bend, bounce or otherwise alter light!

That's good enough for me!!!

David Stanfield

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