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Stuart's Banner Story

I guess it started a few weeks ago when the Lord started talking to me about going to the mountain tops and doing a wave offering. As I prayed into this and sought the logistics about what that exactly meant, it started to become very obvious to me that I needed some banners. As the weeks progressed the Lord revealed to me two particular types of banner. Two of the ones I saw at the Conference were the ones that He was specifically talking about.

a wave offeringAs I started questioning the Lord about whether this was real, was I really hearing from Him, He started to talk more about the wave offering. He had me research that a bit and started to show me how significant that was, prior to a sacrifice. And then He started to talk about the nation of Australia and what its about to come in to. We are waving in Australia to be where God wants it to be.

The 2 types of flags that I saw - the flames symbolised the Holy Spirit falling down and when you wave it over Australia, we are inviting the Holy Spirit to come. The other one was the Blood. It's through the blood and only through the blood that the nation can be saved. It's a call to Jesus, the redemption, that Australia can be redeemed.

So that's how it started and I knew that I had to contact you so that I could get hold of these banners. I knew that you had sold them at the Conference, but that was all I knew. I wondered who to contact to get to you. And then I was reminded that you had given me your card at Uluru. I had put it somewhere, but I thought I had lost it. Rhonda couldn't find it anywhere while I was at work. When I came home, I felt the Holy Spirit telling me exactly where it was. And there it was.

I thought it was very interesting in ringing you the day before we were to visit - wondering if you would have time to see us. When I rang you and talked to you about banners and how the Lord had said about climbing to the mountain tops to do a wave offering, your response that the Lord had been talking to you about similar things, excited me like you couldn't believe. Then I knew that we really have to meet. And then when you told me that you were available during the time we were to be in Toowoomba that was unreal! That was a God moment.

the flames symbolised the Holy Spirit falling downAnd then not knowing about the custom made stuff, on the Friday night the Lord gave me a vision of another banner that He wanted. Then we discovered that we could have them made to what we wanted. That was interesting, because we live by faith and we didn't have any money at the time. We needed to be faithful, but we couldn't pay for it at the time of ordering.

That's how we ended up coming up to you. When we shared things together I knew that I knew that I knew. I don't know where it's going to go but I want to be there when the Lord decides to do something.

Stuart Barlo
Brisbane, Australia.

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