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Worship & Warfare BannersHand painted silk
Worship & Warfare Banners Worship & Warfare Banners
Worship & Warfare Bannershand painted silk banners fromOut Of Our Minds Banners
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Warfare and Worship Banners

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Getting the colors of the kingdom out there!!!
New brochure from OOOMB!

Image of the new Out Of Our Minds Banners brochure Here at OOOMB we have just released a new stunning full-colour brochure.

Displaying over 73 designs and images of banners in use from all over the world, this new brochure more clearly displays the products and services Out Of Our Minds Banners offer…

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“Tsunami - Waves of Love” An amazing story!

The following story is made up from information provided by Allana Johnson, the banner designer, Marion Maskelyne, the Intercessor who transmitted the banner, and Rhea Wildermuth, an intercessor who received the banner on behalf of the flood-affected congregation in Toowoomba.…

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Banners Add an Extra Dimension to Dance

Banners Add an Extra Dimension to DanceI began to use banners when I went to my first dance conference many years ago. This was something that was very new for me but I found that many dancers at the conference used them in all shapes, sizes and colours…

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Pat's Story

I am a trainer in Prophetic Intercession and Dance with Altar Builders Ministries. My husband and I realized the call of God to use banners in these areas many years ago and we are currently with a church in Mountclair NJ. God has been using this ministry to…
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Banners Used in Community Walk

Banners Used in Community WalkLast year our local community held a Crop Walk for hunger. The object was to encourage many community organizations to come together to raise funds for some of the world's hungry. Included in the walk were…
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Declaration of God's Truth in the Marketplace

For some period of time the image of a sunburst appeared before me whenever I prayed. The image became so frequent that I was led to describe it to an artistic friend. "This image," I shared, "will make a nice…
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God Gives the Answer to Prayer

Doing the workshop with the banners was an experience that changed my life. I experienced the manifest presence of God on 3 separate occasions throughout the day. The first experience came when we…
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Banners - definitely not a “girly” thing

When I first heard about the Banner Workshop being held at our church my first response was, “this will be really great for my wife, she loves this kind of 'foo foo' girly stuff“. You see, I'm not that kind of guy…
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Banners Bring Unity

Last month, Community Ministry Center in Canton, Michigan invited Lynda Turnbull to come and hold a banner workshop for us. As Lynda began to teach us the Biblical use and meaning of banners, we began…
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“New Growth”

New Growth worship banners designThis banner is designed to represent the glory and goodness of God bursting into a situation to bring new growth. “So neither is he who plants nor he who waters anything, but only God makes things grow”.…
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Release in Chicago

Recently we introduced banners at the HUB (His United Body) conference in Chicago. This was the first time many of the people there had seen them and they were in awe. As they entered the conference and the banners were waved over them the presence of the Lord would…
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Banners Revolutionize an Aussie Church

We first met David Stanfield several years ago when he agreed to do a Banner Workshop for us in response to our call for help after a visiting guest speaker was not able to attend a Prophetic Conference we were having. We had been using two flying banners on very heavy…
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Ring Of Fire

As Joel plays his guitar, with Jack pounding on the jimbay, each woman takes the end of a banner, holding them above their heads while Julie is the first to wheel through the “ring of fire!”

With an archway of billowing flags held over our heads, Julie leads the worship as only Julie can. Imagine someone dancing in a wheelchair…
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Resurrection Life

Here at Word of Life Fellowship in Mi Wuk Village California we have many of your banners and use them regularly in our worship services.

We recently held a banquet to honour members of our congregation who are over 70 years of age. One of our members, Laura Benoit is 85 years old…
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Yet Will I Rejoice

Last night when I got to Rainbow Prison Ministries I was down for the count. Everything just piled up on top of my head and weight on me like a metal mass.

Even though my heart wanted to be present for those 10 to 15 gals who took time off their “movie night” to come to church, after about the third song Joel played I quietly took my seat…
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During the 6th International Creative Arts Conference which was held in Malaysia, I had my first experience using banners and I now know God's healing power through banners, personally.

A few weeks prior to the conference, with a very tight schedule to develop a presentation, I twisted my left ankle, which meant that during practices, my ankle was wrapped for support…
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My Prayer Shawl

Sometime in May I received a vision from our Heavenly Father that I should get a “prayer shawl”. I am not of a Jewish background and had no idea what a prayer shawl was used for but I knew that I had to get one.

In my vision I saw a blue shawl with rivets of white on the face of the shawl. The blue in the shawl was varying hues of blue, not really distinct but varying. Well that began my search for a blue prayer shawl with…
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Redeeming the Land (Ohio)

Redeeming the Land (Ohio)I have attached a few pics of our ministry with the banners this summer. We prayed over 500 acres of land to redeem it back as it was stolen by the enemy…
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The Lord uses banners in Akron, Ohio

Sunday was so beautiful - as we started services and the head of the enemy attempted to raise its ugly self to stop our praise, the banners with the dancers truly went into worship before the praise had begun.

The Holy Spirit told me to drape the Lion of Judah banner over the Pastor. I told him what the Holy Spirit told me to do, he said "Go ahead!"…
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Breakthrough in South Africa

Breakthrough in South AfricaI was given a silk flag called "Breakthrough". I am preparing to minister to teenage black girls at my daughter's high school for a weekend away next week.

The Lord is leading me to minister the biblical person of Tamar (which means the palm tree)…
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How We Got Involved with Worship Banners

Praise and Worship mounted. Next song, the Holy Spirit had me use the Anointing Oil banner and walk thru the church and "touch", ever so gently each person in the church.

David is an unique man from 'down-under,' who is passionate about worship and obviously loves color and pageantry.…
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Orlando Conference

The conference in Orlando was beautiful. It's awesome to watch this ministry and to see people being delivered and set free right there.

Wielding worship banners at the Orlando conference, gave me insight into the beauty of the body of Christ and the powerful anointing that was released as we corporately yielded and humbly submitted to leadership. It also showed me the destructive power of…
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Banners in Israel

Banners in IsraelI just want to say what a buzz it was being in Israel. But one of the first things that 'hit' me was at the first Praise & Worship time they have every day at Beit Immanuel Guest House…

Here I was, in God's own country (literally!) and what did we sing? Many songs by Australians (in English and Hebrew and Russian) and we worshipped using Australian worship banners. It was so awesome! I felt so proud that God would use Australians…
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Mongolian Worship Festival

The Worship Festival began with a Mongolian playing a traditional horse head violin. He sang a song in his native tongue while he played.

Then 12 riders on horseback appeared on the horizon at the top of a hill. Each of them carried a banner that represented the concepts of God, the nations, the attributes of God, declarations, and fruits of the spirit…
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Spiritual Warfare Conference - A turning point

Spiritual Warfare Conference - A turning point Banners! Just colourful pieces of silk cloth waving from poles. Apart from the fun element, what possible use could they be to the Kingdom of God? That was probably pretty much how my thinking ran, even though I was used to seeing banners used in our church. I had attended a couple of workshops on the use of banners, and was always enthusiastic in using the banners I had purchased.…
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Victorious Violets at “Relay For Life”

Last year, I decided to join the "Relay for Life", to help raise funds for cancer research. The main reason I joined was because my mother, Valda, had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. I signed up 15 of Mum's and my friends and family, and we started to plan our camp site for the relay…
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The Great South Lands of the Holy Spirit

The Great South Lands of the Holy Spirit This banner is designed to celebrate a significant event in the prophetic life of our region and to declare a further blessing for another four hundred years! This Pentecost Sunday, the 14th of May 2006 is the four hundredth anniversary of Pedro Fernandez de Quiros landing at Vanuatu's Big Bay. Thinking he had landed on the great southern continent…
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Daybreak Women's Retreat

Thank you for your pastoral covering over me this past weekend - I cannot begin to describe what happened at the Daybreak Women's Retreat! I felt that a piece of us, our depth of worship and experience of the transformational power of the Spirit, and that I wore it on my shoulders, (a mantle of sorts upon me), to carry to these women.
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Taking The Banners Outside

The Great South Lands of the Holy Spirit For the last year, a group of people from various churches in our county has been meeting weekly to pray for unity and revival. A few months ago we felt led to go to the gates of our county, put stakes in the ground, blow the shophars, wave flags and make proclamations, declaring that the land is being redeemed and the Kingdom will come.
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Banners Do Affect the Atmosphere

an orb of light "floating" over Kyle HoenesThis image captured an orb of light "floating" over Kyle Hoenes' head as he spins "The Nations" banner at a recent workshop in St Louise Missouri.

It is the larger of many such orbs in a number of photos taken that weekend. This is the second time David had seen orbs of light appear around people worshipping with banners.
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More than a Banner Workshop!

The prophetic worshippers in our area were greatly looking forward to having David Stanfield and his associate, Lynda Turnbull, come to do a banner workshop with us at Healing Waters Ministries in Newport on March 11.

Some of us had met David several years earlier at a conference and were deeply moved by the worship with banners that had taken place there. But we did not anticipate all the wonderful things that happened while he was here; we received training, teaching, impartation, healing and release.
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Miracle Education

Hidding under the blood of Jesus bannerMiracle Education is a prayer network that encourages Christians to take responsibility for praying into education. Traditionally the focus of our prayer has been on Australia but in September 2004 the Lord encouraged us to start praying for the South Pacific. In July 2005 that led to our first missions trip to Fiji.

The Lord has also asked me to teach children and adults about the blood of Jesus Christ and the banners are…
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Toni's Story

Hi David, I can't begin to tell you the incredible impact that the banners had on our weekend, at Camp Kindilan in Redland Bay/Cleveland area, it was awesome!!!

The theme of the weekend was God Promises Peace, with the rainbow. I am glad you suggested the 7 colour banners along with the Promise (rainbow ) banner…
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"Faithful Chosen" of Santiago

Faithful Chosen of Santiago This banner was commissioned by the youth band "Fieles Escogidos" (Faithful Chosen) of Santiago, Spain. The lettering mirrors their latest CD cover and the rock textured background and yellow arrow reflect "The Way of St James".

The 3rd largest Christian pilgrimage route in the world was signed for centuries by yellow paint brushed onto rocks along the pilgrimage route to show the way pilgrims were meant to walk. This arrow is pointing upwards to "The Way" - just as the lyrics of their songs and their lives point to Jesus.

The banner was created to be taken on an evangelistic 7 day pilgrimage as 30 passionate Spanish youth walked and shared with thousands of pilgrims from all over the world on the way to the "Celebration of Praise" in Santiago de Compostela, August 14th 2004.

A Dance Wedding in Sweden

Dance Wedding in SwedenIn 2000, at the ICDF conference in Australia, I got my first small flag "Holy Fire" from David Stanfield's collection. This flag I've used many, many times in worship, warfare and intercession.

It has been wonderful and sometimes powerful to see how the Lord has been using the dance with "Holy Fire" in mighty ways…
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Holy Fire inspires dance

Carena Harvey's Holy Fire inspired for a dance piece that used OOOMB's "Holy Fire" banner as part of the dance…
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Carolyn's Story

Here is the vision the Lord gave me - I think it was a vision because it was broad daylight and I was awake when it happened but it is such a clear picture it doesn't matter how it happened. I went to the "21st Century Church Prophetic and Apostolic Conference" in February - The Women of Destiny Day. During the break I found the stall for the banners and during the worship saw them in action… Continue to full Banner Story

Stuart's Story

Mountain Top I guess it started a few weeks ago when the Lord started talking to me about going to the mountain tops and doing a wave offering.

As I prayed into this and sought the logistics about what that exactly meant, it started to become very obvious to me that I needed some banners. As the weeks progressed the Lord revealed to me two particular types of banner… Continue to full Banner Story

John's Story

It was a lovely experience for me as an amateur dancer to attend the International Christian Dance Fellowship conference in Dallas. It was wonderful to have fellowship with dancers from all over the world and see such a great variety of powerful dances… Continue to full Banner Story

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